Four Sad Song Demos EP

by The Lake at Night

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Some things I just needed to get out there but I didn't know how exactly so I just put them to music. Think of these as outtakes from Bleak House. These aren't songs I'll ever finish properly or do anything with. Mostly because they're too personal and direct for me to want to put on an album. They just kind of exist right now.

-Collin Smith


released March 8, 2017

Collin Smith - Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


The Lake at Night Lockport, New York

The Lake at Night is a lo-fi indie solo project from Collin Smith.

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Track Name: Crying in the Bathroom at 2 AM Over Something That was Probably Stupid and Pointless
It was 2 AM
Some day in 2014
Don’t remember exactly
But that’s not important now

I don’t even remember what
I was crying about
But it was probably dumb
And didn’t mean a thing

I sat there on the floor
For at least an hour
While you told me
It’ll be okay

And it was okay
For a while
Just for a while

The next day
You checked in
Just to make sure
I was still doing fine

I wasn’t
But the thought was nice
You were always thoughtful
Like that
It’s days like this I miss you
More than anyone else
Track Name: I Miss You, but I Know You Think of Me Sometimes on Snowy Days
You helped me more
Than you could ever know
Or maybe you knew
But now you’re gone
So does it matter?
Does it matter at all?

You smiled at me
Every time I saw you
And I tried to smile back
Through the hurt,
And the pain
And cold of the snow
It matters to me

One day I saw you
And I said my life had meaning
And you cried right there
In front of me

And everything felt right
And everything was good
And everything was fine
For a while
And then things went wrong
They always go wrong
They always go wrong
Track Name: A Few Particular Types of Loneliness That Are Hard to Express in Ways That Haven't Already Been Said So Why Bother?
Watching you from afar
Who are you, truly?
Do you know who I am?
Do you think of me sometimes?

I already know
The answer to that
So don’t bother

Sitting in a room
Full of strangers
That I know
Who don’t know me at all

Pouring my heart out
Onto a page
Nobody will ever read

When the stars no longer
Look quite as bright
And you realize
Everything, everything
That’s so important
So damn important to you
Doesn’t mean a thing

To anyone else
To anyone else
To anyone else
Track Name: Everything Fades Over Time, Everything Washes Away, but Time Heals Some Wounds Faster Than Others
Things fade over time
I thought this would too
All wounds heal
Except for these

I was so cold
I was so numb
Do you remember
What it feels like to live?

The scars in my mind
Will live there forever
Never leave my side
Never wash away

What would you do
If I left you alone
Not saying a word
Not even goodbye

Because you know
I don’t like to say